So, you’ve used a personality assessment… Now What?

We strongly believe in the need for greater self- and interpersonal awareness.  Greater self-awareness is after all EQ step # 1 – it’s absolutely essential!  The problem is that psychometrics or “personality tests’ are events, interesting experiences, and not much more than that.

Whether Myers Briggs, DiSC, Personalysis, or the long list of others, they can tell you a lot about who you are, but they don’t guide you much on what to do next.  We refer to this as a “psychological suntan”.  They make you feel warm and good, but they fade away quickly.  They can even do harm by creating expectations that never get met, and that’s very demotivating.

We learned long ago that in order for behavioral assessment to work and pay off, it had to be integrated into an ongoing and sustained process connected to performance and accountability.  Most organizations have every intention of connecting their assessments to performance, but no practical way to make that happen.

Our approach is quite different.  It’s unique.  It’s award-winning.  It’s metrics-driven.  It’s practical.  And it works.

We call it the Team Development Strategy™ (TDS).  It has four fundamental components:

  • A well-defined and clearly articulated business philosophy – The Team Covenant™. If employees don’t know what their employer believes and why the company is in business, there is no way for them to help make it all happen.
  • An easy to understand and apply behavioral assessment – The Personal Strengths Inventory (PSI). An assessment tool and ongoing process for employees to hold themselves and one another accountable based on the Team Covenant.
  • An intuitive and values-based performance evaluation – The Performance Assessment & Review System (PARS). An assessment tool and ongoing process for the company to hold employees accountable for getting the job done based on performance competencies and the Team Covenant.
  • A legitimate leadership and organizational assessment – The Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS). An assessment tool and ongoing process for employees to hold both the organization and its leadership accountable for their performance, promises and commitments based on the Team Covenant.

So Now What…

If you think TDS might be for you,