Why we are partnering with Team Excellence

In workplaces that are more collaborative than ever, employees must understand their own and their colleagues’ strengths if the company hopes to reach peak performance.

In other words, it’s no longer enough for your workforce to simply understand what the strategy and objectives are—they also need a system for determining how the work can best be carried out, based on healthy working relationships and an understanding of their own and their colleagues’ unique strengths.

That’s why we’re excited to officially announce a partnership between Khorus and Team Excellence. While Khorus helps everyone understand that critical what dimension of work (the organization’s shared game plan for the quarter), Team Excellence’s Personal Strengths Inventory (PSI)—a simple, web based personality and behavioral strengths assessment—adds further clarity to the how.


Once you take the PSI assessment, you receive a simple grid model that reveals how dominant you are in four distinct personality types:


This information is backed by a wealth of resources that explain your results, and anyone can also generate a Team of Two report, which gives a full breakdown of how any two employees can best work together.

Team of Two report.png

Now, Khorus and Team Excellence customers can give every employee fast and ongoing access to this relationship-building information. PSI data is automatically captured on each employee profile, and with a couple of clicks, any user can generate a Team of Two report between themselves and their manager, a direct report, or any other colleague in the company.

PSI in Khorus profile.png

As partners, our two organizations are working jointly to not only provide this integration, but also to guide our customers toward stronger working relationships and consistent high performance.


Never before has it been so critical to build working relationships based on genuine respect, mutual trust, and an objective understanding of each other’s strengths and styles. Here are just a couple of data points pointing to why:

  • Employee-manager relationships need improvement. You’ve heard it said that people leave bosses, not jobs. It’s true, and backed up by research: Gallup found that a full 50 percent of people who quit their jobs do so because of their manager. When your organization uses Khorus and PSI, managers and their employees can much more easily get on the same page and build trust. Khorus provides clarity of expectations and unifies manager and employee in a shared mission, while PSI results gives them a simple, non-judgmental language for understanding each other’s behavioral strengths.
  • Strengths-based development pays off. Last month, Gallup released the results of a global study showing that organizations that got a strengths-based intervention saw up to a 29 percent increase in profits, plus other benefits, including higher employee engagement (9%–15%) and vastly reduced turnover in many cases. If a “strengths-based intervention” sounds daunting, don’t worry. By pairing Khorus with PSI results, you can keep information about employee strengths front and center—transparent to the whole organization during goal setting, quarterly reviews, and more—and can thus start capitalizing on similar benefits. (Khorus also allows customers to automatically add results from Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder to user profiles.)

Our mission at Khorus is to make our customers the best-run organizations on earth. We believe that partnering with Team Excellence—and giving our customers a unique opportunity to better understand themselves, their fellow employees, and their company’s leadership—advances that mission in a significant way.

If you’re interested in taking the PSI assessment and/or getting started with Khorus, please be in touch!