Talent Management from Recruitment to Retirement

Talent management solutionA Single Solution – Surprisingly Different from the Rest!

From the moment you post the vacancy to the day they retire, talent management is a must. Countless tools promise engagement, ownership, optimized performance, and employee buy-in. Each leads us down a path then ultimately fails, leaving us searching for the next “sure thing.” It’s an endless and expensive cycle that misses the mark every time because it misses the main motivation for all employees, at every level.

We’ve worked for decades with the ill-conceived notion that skills and experience are arbiters of success: the 2D model. Put people with similar talents and backgrounds together and they’ll work perfectly, right? But that’s the exception, rather than the rule, in creating dynamic teams.

We’ve neglected the 3rd dimension of human capital management – that they’re human. They bring life experience, as well as work experience, to the table. They bring individuality and style, the traits they use to perform well and the situations from which they flee.  Without factoring in personality, is it any wonder “perfect hires” quit unexpectedly, engagement is low, and we don’t see high-performing teams in every department?

Be Happy

Happy people work harder. Work that suits you in an environment that capitalizes on your people and performance styles drives job satisfaction more than any juice bar or mobile masseuse ever will. When you are valued (not just your resume) job satisfaction (engagement, ownership, happiness) comes from within. This is what’s been missing: the human talents in talent management. The whole 3D picture means matching employees with jobs, tasks, teams, and goals that push their buttons, make them proud, and drive success for them and the company.

A Single Solution

How do we get there from here with a tool that’s proven with over 30 years of field success? Focus on the human aspect of Human Resources with PSI from Team Excellence. We offer a personality profile that lets you and your employees uncover their strengths, their style, and what drives job satisfaction and success.

Instead of endless separate and discrete products that make for piece-meal solutions, PSI is a single, seamless talent management strategy for recruitment to retirement. PSI lets you hire smarter, cultivate and nurture dynamic teams, resolve conflicts, career and succession plan, and more, in plain simple English!

Not Another Survey! (Bleep!)

YouNot another employee surveyr employees will love using PSI (and so will you). Put away your decoder ring – don’t rent The Imitation Game – no need for “pinkies up” when you interpret our data. The stuffy, old-school surveys you’re accustomed to are so last decade. We cracked the code and removed the psycho-babble! PSI is written in non-expert, everyday language managers and employees at every level can understand. And we’ve eliminated the “let’s feel bad about ourselves but not be able to do anything about it” data: our results are always positive and actionable.

Our quick, 15-minute survey is a single talent management solution that provides:

  • Immediate, non-judgmental results that focus on talent: employees won’t shrink from reading them or sharing with others, because they hone in only on strengths and styles.
  • Easy to read, easy to interpret language anyone can understand
  • One-on-one reports that illustrate how colleagues work best together
  • Team reports that outline member styles and strengths to best collaborate with the group
  • Interactivity – results can be shared to cultivate strong relationships company-wide

Been There, Done That

You’ve tried the survey route in the past. From personality and 360 evaluations that need a double PhD to interpret, to depressing results that make everyone want a week with their blue blankie, the fallout has been devastating. These old-school tools are designed to ferret out work weaknesses. PSI is focused on finding strengths everyone can build on: the human aspect of Human Capital.

The switch to PSI is a sound decision for every company:

  • Unlimited use, unlimited results retrieval
  • Stunningly cost-effective
  • No specialized training required
  • Continuous integrated process: use PSI from recruiting the right candidate, coaching and developing relationships, plotting career strategy, and beyond.

Bonus – Employees Are Valued 

Invest in them as a person, not just a worker. PSI demonstrates you strive to create the best working environment for each employee.

People (not their resumes) are the most valuable (and riskiest) assets a company holds. At Team Excellence, we put the human back in Human Resource Management.  Find out how PSI can help you manage your talent from recruitment to retirement. Contact us today.