Recruitment Outsourcing with Personality Surveys

global sourcing recruitmentMuch has been heard about outsourcing, or the allocation of a particular business process to an external service provider. Outsourcing happens when a business or an organization is unable to carry out all aspects of its business process internally and this aspect is allocated to another company.

It is more common in information technology as well as industries for services that have been usually looked upon as fundamental to managing a business. For example, there are cases that the entire information management of a company is outsourced, including the aspects about planning and business analysis.

Another common example where outsourcing is done is in the process of recruitment wherein the employer outsources or transfers a part of or all its recruitment activities to an external service provider.

Effectively profile potential hires

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers are the ones who manage the entire hiring process of another company. They may supplement the entire talent acquisition function and recruitment activities or they may be hired for limited scope services only.

searching for right employeeA crucial aspect in hiring employees is the process of selection wherein potential employees are chosen based on the requirements of the employer. There are many factors that have to be considered in hiring such as personality, communication, and work-style feedback. As many are aware, personality and behavioral differences can lead to job conflicts, poor performance, job dissatisfaction, and turnover. It is important that RPO providers have the ability to pick the right employee for the job.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) have to choose employee who’s personality perfectly fits working team.[/tweet_box]

The Personal Strengths Inventory (PSI) is one tool that can be used to assess personality and behavioral strengths. It is simple and web-based, non-clinical, and non-consultant dependent. Unlike similar instruments that use the grid model, PSI appreciates that human personality is complex and does not fit into a single dimension.

The PSI is one tool that can be used to assess personality and behavioral strengths.[/tweet_box]

What PSI can do

Cost-effective, simple, and better than conventional methods. Traditional methods of personality assessment use external consultants. These are usually time-consuming and complicated. With PSI, you don’t need to hire these consultants, thus saving you time and money.

Empathy vs. LogicPSI is reliable, easy to use, and very economical. With more than 30 years of professional organizational experience, it provides teams and individuals with objective, non-judgmental language to describe career and motivational interests, job performance strengths, and interpersonal and communication behavioral styles.

PSI profiles cost less than $30. It includes five separate individual reports that offer applications involved in selection, training, coaching, and organizational development. There is also a developmental report with unlimited choice of various individual and team members.

07 - Insistence vs. Innovation thumbRecognizes complexity of personality. Other instruments use the Hippocratic Model (4-quadrant grid) that labels people into a single personality category. PSI recognizes that the personality does not fit into a single dimension. The PSI profiles provide specific numeric quantification defining how each quadrant influence a person’s thinking and behavior. The results will give the participants an overview of their diverse interests and strengths in relative proportion to one another. Moreover, they would gain a greater appreciation and respect for people who are different.

Detailed behavioral assessment. Through “behavioral dashboards,” PSI can provide a detailed behavioral assessment of an individual’s personality and relational interaction. These dashboards are easy to understand so you can easily identify and quantify interpersonal behavior and perspective. You can see how an individual approaches work and relationships.

Furthermore, you can compare and contrast the individual’s strengths with everyone else. Since it is the PSI that provides the assessment, its insight is non-biased thus neutralizing the judgments that people tend to make about another. Furthermore, it is able to create a means to achieve greater personal accountability and team collaboration.

Since it is the PSI that provides the assessment, its insight is non-biased thus neutralizing the judgments that people tend to make about another.[/tweet_box]

The following are key interpersonal relationship and job-related areas that the dashboards are able to measure and predict:

  • Working with other peopleMotivating Factors Scale
  • Coping with change
  • Preferred pace
  • Personal identity
  • Asserting oneself
  • Expressing one’s feelings
  • Attention to detail

Why get PSI

For successful recruitment process, PSI can provide RPOs with in-depth psychometric assessment that is based on more than 30 years of professional organizational development experience. The results are easy to interpret since they are non-clinical and lay-language oriented. Moreover, there are online video tutorials that provide individual training and coaching support. Lastly, PSI has strong and long-standing client satisfaction endorsements, which clearly demonstrate that it can provide what you need in hiring potential employees.