Khorus Software and Team Excellence Partner to Enable Strengths-Based Collaboration within Organizations

Partnership brings together Khorus’s enterprise leadership platform with Team Excellence’s personality and strengths assessment

AUSTIN, Texas  —  October 19, 2016 — Khorus Software and Team Excellence today announced a partnership centered around driving strengths-based collaboration within organizations.

Khorus customers can now integrate results from Team Excellence’s Personal Strengths Inventory (PSI) assessment into the platform, giving every member of the organization easy access to their own and their colleagues’ strengths, motivations, and working styles.

Khorus and Team Excellence

Khorus & Team Excellence

“When you put Khorus and Team Excellence together, people have a clearer path toward being happy and productive at work,” said Khorus Software CEO Joel Trammell. “First of all, everyone understands their own working style and individual strengths. Second, they can pull up any coworker’s profile to see how that person works best. That human context, added to the alignment and execution capabilities of Khorus, supercharges the platform.”

Companies benefit from understanding why, what and how

“Khorus is excellent for clarifying the what of work, the strategic objectives to be achieved,” said Team Excellence president and CEO Randy Hopkins. “The PSI and Khorus combined create a unique leadership tool that also addresses the critical how piece. How can we work together to achieve those objectives? That’s extremely important in a time when collaborative activities are skyrocketing in the modern workplace, increasing by over 50 percent in the past two decades.”

Once organizations have taken Team Excellence’s simple, web-based PSI assessment, results will be automatically added to each employee’s user profile in Khorus for all to see. Employees can then select any colleague in the organization and quickly generate a custom Team of Two report, which offers comprehensive collaboration/communication guidelines—delivered in practical, everyday language and tailored to those two individuals.

The Khorus–Team Excellence partnership represents a new opportunity for colleagues at all levels to enhance relationships and build trust, which is particularly important between managers and their direct reports.

Employees leave bosses not companies

Gallup recently reported that 50 percent of employees who quit their jobs do so to get away from their boss, meaning that organizations can dramatically lower turnover and boost engagement if they focus on strengthening these relationships through mutual understanding of strengths and working styles. (Khorus also enables organizations to integrate Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment results into its software platform.)

With PSI information at their fingertips via Khorus, managers at all levels can focus on effective team-building in support of organizational priorities.


Khorus Software, based in Austin, Texas, and founded by veteran CEO Joel Trammell, provides software and services that help CEOs and leaders run their organizations more effectively. Khorus’s cloud-based enterprise leadership platform is the first solution designed to offer leaders a central system for building alignment and driving execution, through transparent goal setting, crowdsourced predictions, and modernized talent management.

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Team Excellence is the authority on managing employees and relationships. Its strategy and web-based tools are the result of over 30 years of Fortune 500 and small business experience.

The company has received two Impact Awards from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) for achievements in organizational development and employee development. Daniel Pink, bestselling author of Drive, has called its methodology a “thoughtful, holistic approach to human resources that puts people first.”

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Aaron Hierholzer