The Ideal Employee is a Waste of Time!

ideal employee

The idea of the ideal employee is a losing proposition and a total waste of time.  There is no perfect person, so let’s stop looking for one or stop trying to be one.

We can’t change who people are.  We can’t change their personality.  We don’t have the right.  What we can do is teach people to choose more successful and productive behaviors.  We don’t change WHO they are, we change WHAT they do.

Everyone has choice in how they behave.  People either behave intuitively or intentionallyIntuitive behavior is following our own internal sense of “normal”, what we believe the average person would do in any given situation.  Intentional behavior is what we consciously choose to do differently if and when we stop to think about it.

People have the ability to make choices.

We all can choose to speak up more or less on occasion.  Introverts can decide to express themselves more openly and say more.  Extroverts can decide to say less, as difficult as that may be!  Everyone can choose to demonstrate a greater or less sense of urgency in getting things done – step on the gas or apply the brakes.  People can choose to “tell” or “ask” others and deliberately be more or less assertive.  We all can choose our behavior.  The question is which behavior to choose and where does our individual “normal” fit into the overall spectrum of behavioral possibilities?

Knowing the difference between intuitive and intentional behavior and doing something constructive with this insight, infers the assumption of greater personal accountability. It acknowledges the obligation of personal responsibility and gets beyond today’s “snowflake” expectation that it’s someone else’s responsibility to take care of us.  Simply not true!

I Choose Success (ICS) is a program that embodies this critical assumption of personal responsibility with a self-coaching process to help accomplish more and maximize career success.  ICS might be something to consider.  It may be something you want to learn more about.