How to Build Motivation Among Your Employees

Motivation word cloudThere will be times that your employees lose their motivation, which is not a rare situation, and it can be fixed quite easily. There are various ways to ensure that your employees stay motivated and know their worth to your business or company. For instance giving honest recognition when it comes to work achievements that have been made, and even encouraging your employees to strive for excellence in themselves.


  • Show your employees that you value the work that they do by recognizing their achievements and accomplishments.
  • Give them rewards, such as a gift card, when they go beyond your expectations.
  • Walk around the work floor to check up on your employees, and ask them if they need anything – this will show them that you’re committed to their needs and their wants as your employees.

Ensure Your Employee’s Responsibilities Are Clear

One of the main reasons why your employees could be losing motivation to do their job, is because the responsibilities that go with their job are unclear. This causes employees to become frustrated, and may even cause them to throw in the towel altogether. When you discuss the skills and the tasks that are needed for a specific job, especially if it’s something that they have never done before, you are giving them the extra help that they need. This will not only give them the necessary motivation to complete their task, but it will also give them faith in you that you only want the best for them.

Leave Room for Improvement

If at all possible, provide an opportunity for career advancement or increased responsibilities in general. ThisInsistence vs. Innovation will show your employees that you are trying to aid them in their path for their career, and that you really do care about them. When it comes to building motivation among your employees, modeling the need for learning that is continuous will go a long way. This can also be done by embracing their opinions and ideas about certain areas of their job, as well as creating a development plan while the planning and discussing cycle is taking place.

Everyone is Different and Should Be Addressed as Such

There are many different causes that can be avoided when it comes to lack of motivation, such as a lack of trust or self-confidence, conflicts, personal problems at home, a high level of work and even differences in personality types, values and styles of work ethic. By addressing each employee individually, and showing them that you desire to be on a personal level with each of them, you are allowing a breakthrough to happen. The majority of business owners do not take the necessary time to ensure that their employees are comfortable with their work, which can lead to slacking off or being unmotivated altogether.

Are Your Employees Scared of Commitment?

Commitment is a big part of motivation, so it would help to offer opportunities to perform, to learn and to practice their jobs. This can be done by offering extra help if it is needed, and to ensure that no employee is afraid to ask questions. If they feel that they cannot do their job and are scared to ask for a little guidance, their motivation is going to go straight down the hole.

If you can ensure that your employees know you well enough, feel comfortable talking to you, have the resources necessary to help them if they need it, and to be able to do their job without conflict, then you will be able to successfully build motivation among your employees.