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Talent Management from Recruitment to Retirement

Talent management solutionA Single Solution – Surprisingly Different from the Rest!

From the moment you post the vacancy to the day they retire, talent management is a must. Countless tools promise engagement, ownership, optimized performance, and employee buy-in. Each leads us down a path then ultimately fails, leaving us searching for the next “sure thing.” It’s an endless and expensive cycle that misses the mark every time because it misses the main motivation for all employees, at every level.

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The 3rd Dimension of Hiring – A Seven Part Series on PSI Surveys from Team Excellence

Sociability vs. Indpendence

Part One:

Working with Others

The PSI survey from Team Excellence uncovers the third dimension of hiring. If you’ve been hiring using only the what (they’ve done) and where (they’ve gone to school or worked) you’re missing the 3rd dimension of hiring: who the candidate is. PSI surveys uncover traits they bring to the workplace that help them thrive. Knowing who candidates are, as well as what they’ve done, helps match work styles for a smooth-running relationship or team.

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2D Recruitment Out: 3D Recruitment In

Multi-dimensional recruitment equals better hires

2D Recruiting is Guesswork

Resume screening is the bane of recruiters. Whether you receive 5 responses or 500, the 2 dimensional picture they provide is limited to where and what. You see where they’ve worked and gone to school, and what they’ve done – but who are they? What and where are important, but not always indicators of success. What you need to affect the best hires is insight into who candidates are: how they perform and respond, what they need to succeed, and how they’ll enhance the team.

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