5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a New Candidate

searching for right employeePicking the right candidate may be a difficult process, especially when you have many qualified prospects applying for a position that you have posted. Sometimes there are very little distinctions between two applicants’ resumes. How can you differentiate between two candidates? You may want to ask yourself these things before offering a position to a prospective employee:

Are They in it to Win it?

Is this person in it for the long haul or do they see working with you and your firm as a stepping stone?  The hiring process is a long and arduous one.  Combine that with training, and you have invested time and effort. Having to go through another cycle of candidates next quarter or next year is counterproductive.  Ambition and energy are wonderful attributes to have.  However, you want to make sure that your next hire sees truly wants to be with the company long term.


Can They Grow With The Company?

Sometimes, the ideal candidate is not the RIGHT candidate for you.  Will they grow stagnant and bored with the position? curriculum vitate - hiring You should always think about the future–will this candidate be able to adapt and grow as your needs and tasks change? Your ideal candidate should have a hunger to learn and continue to excel at any project that they may be given.

Sometimes, the ideal candidate is not the RIGHT candidate for you, but he will grow with the company.[/tweet_box]

Do You Have the Same Visions?

It’s great when you find a candidate that has their own voice.  It means that they may have much to “bring to the table”.  Having a different perspective on projects or projections is one of the best ways to stay current and relevant in any industry.  However, morphing guidelines and processes for every task may not be what is needed to build a productive work environment.


Can They See Ahead?

This goes hand in hand with having the same vision.  Are they able to see the reasoning behind daily activities?  Can they picture the end result of a project, not just focus on the “here” and “now”. Hiring someone who thinks like this is advantageous, as they will value each step and fragment of what needs to be done, because in the end, it is for the benefit of the firm.


Are They A People Person?

Business mechanismSome candidates may meet every criterion that you need to fill your vacant position.  Experience, education, and skillset are vital.  However, making sure that the person that you pick for the job is dynamic and able to work well with others is key.  How someone interacts with, peers, subordinates, and superiors speaks volumes about how they will work with clients and vendors. You must ask yourself, is this person portraying the brand of our company?

Tenacity, focus and communication skills are key elements in choosing the better candidate.[/tweet_box]

Tenacity, focus and communication skills are key elements when determining which of the two is the better candidate.  When you have two or more applicants, and each of them present themselves in a way that makes you want to hire them, making mental notes regarding the above topics will ensure that one contender rises to the top.