2D Recruitment Out: 3D Recruitment In

Multi-dimensional recruitment equals better hires

2D Recruiting is Guesswork

Resume screening is the bane of recruiters. Whether you receive 5 responses or 500, the 2 dimensional picture they provide is limited to where and what. You see where they’ve worked and gone to school, and what they’ve done – but who are they? What and where are important, but not always indicators of success. What you need to affect the best hires is insight into who candidates are: how they perform and respond, what they need to succeed, and how they’ll enhance the team.

Add a Dimension for Better Hires

To find the right match you need the third dimension: who the candidates are. Whether it’s someone who works in harmony with the group or throws challenges to drive innovation, who they are, in addition to their skills, can mean the difference between a successful, long-term partner or a revolving door recruitment problem. To get that 3D perspective, you interview to find what pushes their buttons, revs their engines, drives them up a wall, or drives them to succeed. But getting past professional resume writers and interview coaches can limit your ability to find out who you’re actually meeting. What if you had that third dimension of information before you read a single resume?

Recruitment Goes 3D

Recruitment just went 3D, thanks to PSI. PSI, the Personal Strengths Inventory survey from Team Excellence tells you who you’re talking to before you schedule a single interview. Candidates take a quick survey during the application process (unlimited licensing lets everyone participate) that provides recruiters the whole picture: what they’ve done, where they’ve been, and the most critical component to success – who they are.

You find the right match with 7 key business-centric personality traits that need no interpretation – no psycho-babble here – clear information any reader can understand and apply. Our surveys show preferred work orientation, behavioral and performance strengths that you can fit to each vacancy. PSI surveys provide details about how they work best, how to best capitalize on their strengths, and how to assure they succeed.

Boost Your Brand

In a competitive market it’s critical to stand out from the crowd to attract top talent. PSI surveys boost your brand with insight for the candidate as well as the employer. We provide a copy of results to each applicant. They gain personal insight with easy-to-read information about their strengths and how to use them. In less than 15 minutes, candidates learn what drives them, what drives them crazy, and what type of workplace culture will help them thrive.

Taking it to the Team

Having trouble hiring for a particular department or manager? Even the most qualified hires never seem to stick? If you knew the personality traits that made for a good fit, your next hire there could be your last. PSI surveys let you fit the candidate to the team and the team to the candidate: everybody wins.

Use PSI surveys within established groups to help them work more effectively together. PSI-surveyed teams can even match their work model with potential candidates – talk about a perfect fit! HR first-screening interviews could go the way of the fax machine.

Stop hiring two-dimensionally. PSI surveys from Team Excellence give you the tools you need to find the best 3D fit for your team. Contact us to start hiring in 3D today, and watch this site for upcoming blog posts and a white paper about each of the 7 key business-centric personality traits our surveys provide.