February, 2015

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Top 5 reasons why employees leave their job


Dear Boss, I quitAccording to a recent Gallup survey, US Economy loses $370 Billion worth of productivity due to disengaged employees annually. In 2010, employees voluntarily leaving their jobs were greater than number of employees fired or discharged by the HR department. In the current scenario, this is a huge problem for the developing countries as well as the established countries of the world.  There are a number of reasons why people leave their jobs. From the level of productivity to common job environment issues, we’ll take a look at the top 5 reasons that eventually result in quitting a job.

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Recruitment Outsourcing with Personality Surveys

global sourcing recruitmentMuch has been heard about outsourcing, or the allocation of a particular business process to an external service provider. Outsourcing happens when a business or an organization is unable to carry out all aspects of its business process internally and this aspect is allocated to another company.

It is more common in information technology as well as industries for services that have been usually looked upon as fundamental to managing a business. For example, there are cases that the entire information management of a company is outsourced, including the aspects about planning and business analysis.

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How to Build Motivation Among Your Employees

Motivation word cloudThere will be times that your employees lose their motivation, which is not a rare situation, and it can be fixed quite easily. There are various ways to ensure that your employees stay motivated and know their worth to your business or company. For instance giving honest recognition when it comes to work achievements that have been made, and even encouraging your employees to strive for excellence in themselves.

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